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An exclusive team of A-players building the workplace of tomorrow

We work in new ways to pursue inspiring business opportunities that empower individual freedom through the digital space.

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First, we had the industrial revolution

This was when human kind truly started it's "production age", building, and establishing the bedrock of today's society.

To do this, factories needed workers to show up physically at a certain time and day. Establishing the 9-5 standard, a standard perfect for this phase in human history.

Then, we had the digital revolution

That completely changed how value was created and introduced the "digital worker", creating value online, rather than offline in an office.

However, the working culture is stuck in the 9-5 standard established by the industrial revolution, leaving immeassurable opportunities untapped.

Highlighting the untapped potential

The red box represents the opportunities that we are taught by society, when the entire picture represents the limitless opportunities brought forward by the digital revolution.

Opportunities which includes time flexibility, location freedom and greater financial upside.

This is where we operate.

In the land outside social and cultural programming, while building our best lives.

BURO's path to freedom

To embark and leverage the great opportunities available through the digital space, one is likely to experience hardship and challenges. 

That's why we exist, to make it a journey.

The journey starts when you enter our internal educational programme to learn the proper methodology of digital business. Through several subjects, exams and mentoring, you'll master the field of digital business.

After passing our internal exams, you're brought onboard to learn through practical execution, acquiring actual business experience through live projects and business cases.

When having passed a treshold of understanding and experience, new doors and opportunties internally in Buro will be opened.

These opportunties are something we envision pursuing along with you - creating something great together.

Select where you want to apply:

PS: If you do want to enroll in the Buro Journey - you’ll go through an application process. We only invite A1 talent, so make sure to properly go through the process. 

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