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✔ Likes to learn, is ambitious and wish to become A1 talent in digital business, growth and marketing.

✔ Wishes to become their own boss, take control of their life, and is willing to take risks.

✔ Is willing to be dedicated towards their goals. We never ask for a CV. Knowledge and expertise can be taught. Your mindset is far more important.

"Anne sold $50,000 until starting with us in  October 2018. From then to December 2021, she sold for $1.6 million."

"Svein Harald had to take his physical course online, and sold over 3 separate launches for $76,000 - without having previous digital experience."

"Martine and Karina in Young Happy Minds took their physical course to a digital arena and sold over 12 months for $43,000 via webinars:"