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Buro Ventures is a group, a collective, a consultancy, a venture firm - but not in the traditional sense. Meaning, we have a business structure that allow us to invite, hone, and grow talent - like no other business is able to. You won't find a place like Buro anywhere else.

If you're on this page, I need to tell you something. Especially if you're an ambitious, hungry and curious individual, or aspiring entrepreneur. 

Have you ever felt the desire to create something of your own? Your own business? Maybe you're interested in digital marketing? Sales? Business development? How one can use new technology?

If any of the answers to those questions is "yes", then continue reading.

For most, the path after university or formal education is being an employee. And for most, that is okay. But, we live in an ever and more rapidly changing environment.

Having a bachelor degree is no longer "enough". Even a masters degree doesn't always cut it. The formal educational path no longer provide the "safety" that it once did. 

Combined with new tech, AI, and automation - you can't really expect it to either. 

Times change, cultures change, and the requirements put upon businesses change. 

In November 2022, OpenAI launched ChatGPT.
And it is changing the playing field. 

In the current world, being an employee is safe. However, this will not be the case in 12-24 months from now. AI is going to in an exponential manner, not only get better, but start to replace people.

AI is coming to take your job. 

That's the cold hard fact.

However, you can do something about it. We're building the workplace of tomorrow. This is a place that…

Work as an educational hub where you're taught about new tech, marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and other things to elevate your skills to be ready for the "new world" that's coming. A world where AI is replacing humans.

Get to join projects, businesses and concepts - from the development stage, all the way to a scaled business. Leveraging the skillset you've acquired by working with us getting "new world" skills.

Receive the 1-1 and group support necessary to take control of your life, where you can be part of a group, or create something of your own. Together with us, you can - when you're ready - start your own business.

We're re-organized how hiring works, what being part of a company means, and revolutionized the "upside" of being part of a group. 

PS. We're only bringing on A-talent. We receive 100+ applicants every month, and have less than a 2% enrollment rate.


Let's start with this. We're like a family.



We've built a hybrid between a university and company. Inside Buro, you'll get fully educated and trained on the topics of business development, marketing, sales, AI, automation and other relevant things to start, scale and grow businesses.

You're your own "boss", going through it in your own pace. 



We're ultimately a team, working together. Together, we have daily team meetings that can be used to work on projects together, brainstorm, or simply get help where you need it. 

You're never left alone, and you'll have the support you need no matter what.



Once you've proven your understanding and skills, you'll join projects we have. This could be external clients and "partners" of Buro, or Buro's own concepts and businesses. 

This way, you'll get real world experience and further hone your "new world" skillset, to become even more versatile in the new age.



2-3 times per year, we escape to tropical and exotic locations, living in luxury villas and enjoy remote working - living the life of a digital nomad. 

These trips are structured to be rewarding, both for the soul - but also in terms of learning new things and joining the "newest" things internally in Buro.


We're a completely different place to be part of. You are your own boss, decide the terms, and work when you want - but you're also accountable. This is what's required for tomorrow.


Submit an application, and our recruitment team will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.


Take a look at our blog and resources section, to learn more about how we work, and the strategies we employ in our work.

PS: We receive 100+ applicants every single month. Make sure to spend time on your application. Grammar mistakes will easily disqualify you.