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Welcome to Buro Ventures - Where Knowledge Fuels Opportunities!

We're on a journey to empower aspiring individuals create the life they desire through entrepreneurship

At Buro Ventures, we believe that better understanding results in opportunities. That's why we are dedicated to helping aspiring individuals privately establish their own financial independence. We provide the intellectual and mental means, as well as the tools of the trade, to empower individuals on their journey towards success.

We understand that true independence comes from not just having the right tools, but also the right mindset. By combining education, business concepts, learning opportunities, masterminds, coaching, mentoring, and cutting-edge software, we create a comprehensive ecosystem for entrepreneurial growth.

Our mission is clear: to equip individuals with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve financial independence. 

Harald Roine, CEO + Founder

Our values serve as guiding principles in everything we do:

Integrity - We believe in being professional and staying true to ones word. Trust and honesty are the cornerstones of our relationships.

Curiosity - We encourage a thirst for knowledge and continuous learning. Embracing curiosity allows us to stay at the forefront of innovation and explore new horizons.

Feel Good - We believe in smiling while we work. Creating a positive and enjoyable environment fuels creativity and fosters collaboration.

Critical Thinkers - Understanding the WHY behind every action is crucial to making informed decisions. We promote critical thinking to drive meaningful progress.

Honesty - We strive to build a safe haven where transparency and authenticity are valued. We foster an environment where individuals can thrive and grow.

Personal Growth - We are committed to helping you become a better version of yourself. By investing in personal growth, we unlock hidden potentials and unlock new possibilities.

Be Bold - We challenge the status quo and encourage our members to do the same. We believe that by daring to be different, we can make a real impact in the world.

At Buro Ventures, we operate in two areas to support our mission:

SATCO Program

Our distributed venture department, SATCO (Satellite Company) Program, is an accelerator, incubator, and university combined. We collaborate with entrepreneurial-minded individuals to build businesses. As a SATCO member, you'll have access to our comprehensive program, including education, business concepts, learning resources, coaching, mentoring, and software. You'll become a co-founder in a business concept of your choice, with 51% ownership, while Buro retains a 49% stake. SATCO offers a modular approach to business creation, empowering you to explore multiple concepts and foster serial entrepreneurship.

Buro Products

Our R&D and product development department, Buro Products, is dedicated to creating innovative tools, software, models, and AI. These cutting-edge technologies support our SATCO portfolio and program, as well as external clients. By incorporating new tech as separate entities, we aim to empower our internal companies and drive forward-thinking solutions.

Becoming a co-founder through our SATCO program requires grit, persistence, and hard work. We're here to support you every step of the way, providing strategic advice, guidance, and lifelong support. Together, we'll navigate the challenges, overcome obstacles, and unlock your true potential.

Our Team

The core team behind Buro consist of individuals that never give up in their pursuit of exellence, both privately and professionally.

Harald Røine

Founder & Head of Buro Products

Harald is the founder of Buro, and the Head of Products. He has been in the digital business industry since 2011. For the past decade Harald has worked with everything from building startups, to advising large enterprises on how to leverage the digital space for growth. He is relentless in his pursuit of building infrastructure that empowers aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and corporations.

Lasse Flagstad

COO and Managing Partner

Lasse is the acting Chief Operating Officer of Buro Ventures, and manages of all of the activities inside the company. He is a true man to his word and works diligently with the sole goal of creating a larger impact on the world through the products and services of the Buro Group.

Marius Flatebø

Head of Studio

Marius is our Head of Studio, meaning he is the person managing the portfolio of companies, business concepts and co-founders in our SATCO program. He is hands-on with every co-founder on a weekly basis, providing the stellar support all of our members deserve.

Joni Leimala


Joni is an advisor and board member at the company. He entered the digital landscape in the mid-90s and has held several executive roles in the world's largest media companies. Joni aids in crafting strategies to future-proof the Buro Group.

Evan Yang

Full Stack Developer

Evan is our Full Stack Developer with a talent for creating a wide range of tools, from digital nomad resources to AI software. His exceptional skills align perfectly with our vision of developing tools that promote financial independence. Currently, he focuses on developing software designed to drive exponential growth for our SATCO companies.

Fredrik Fiskerstrand

Marketing Associate

Fredrik is a marketing associate in the company. He was introduced for us in 2022 as a consultant where we worked on different marketing projects together with great results. Today Fredrik helps us with various internal marketing efforts across different platforms. 

Nataniel Marstrander


Herman Kvalheim


Sindre Rolland


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