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The SATCO Program Transparency Initiative

This page will disclose everything about how the SATCO program works, what it includes, and what members and co-founders can expect.

Last updated 25 June 2023

PS. There is a lot of text here.

What is the SATCO program?

Buro Ventures creates new business concepts all the time, through our R&D (Research & Development) department. To take these concepts to market, we are looking for entrepreneurs, partners, intrapreneurs, and people who want to join the journey.

That’s why we created the SATCO program.

SACTO is a term for Satellite Company, meaning, every company we have a stake in and help start, develop, launch, grow, and scale. It’s the program we have to facilitate for the realization of the business concepts we create in our R&D department.

The business concepts we create are within a variety of markets, and the foundation of the business concepts is based on the 6 business pillars: 

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Delivery
  4. Operations
  5. Finance
  6. Team & Culture

By crafting the business model around these 6 pillars, we’re able to approach business creation and entrepreneurship from a modular perspective. 

Who is the SATCO program for?

The SATCO program isn’t for everyone. 

However, it is for everyone that want or are looking to:

  • Start their own business, side hustle, or company.
  • Start their own thing, but don’t know what yet.
  • Be part of a larger entrepreneurial group, a community of entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Not have a traditional 9-5 job.
  • Not spending 3-5+ years at university to learn how to become an entrepreneur.

Before we started the SATCO program, we did a lot of work regarding who we should let in. We could either be super strict and only let through a certain persona, or we could allow everyone and anyone able to invest and join.

We decided that it would be unethical of us to hold back the opportunity for someone that truly wants to start something they own from being able to do so. Having said that, we have certain qualification criteria that are dynamic and cannot be disclosed. 

Why did we create the SATCO program?

We created the SATCO program for multiple reasons. Having been in the space of entrepreneurship and selling digital services since 2011, we’ve seen countless people try and fail. Countless people are being led astray by gurus, online personalities looking to grab quick cash, and just plain bad advice.

Most people who want to start their own “digital” or “online” business, don’t know where to start. They think dropshipping, e-com, agency, crypto, trading, forex, MLM, etc., is the best start. In a few cases they are, but not in most cases.

That’s why we created the SATCO program, to be able to provide and make it more available for people to get started by providing “the last stop”. The go-to-place to do it - and succeed.

A place that’s not an online course you’re kicked out of after X number of months. A place where you don’t have to pay more to get the help you need.

But a place where you get what you need. The framework. The concepts. The models. The resources. The actual material. The training and education. The hands-on experience. The guidance and strategic advisory. The technical setup. And a guiding hand as long as you’re on the journey. 

Who are we, and what have we done leading up to this?

Buro Ventures is a digital venture studio and innovation firm. 

We do two things:

  1. Start companies (in various formats)
  2. R&D (build new tech and Intellectual Property, IP)

We’ve been in the agency and consultancy industry since 2011, helping companies with digital marketing, and helping companies run marketing online to get clients and customers. In addition, we’ve helped companies build full digital client acquisition strategies.

We’ve been running educational programs for 3 years at Norwegian university Kristiania University College, where more than 400 students participated. 

“I’m taking a bachelor's in digital marketing, and I’d rather skip my classes and show up for Buro’s lectures - as they are more relevant and interesting.” - Marie

“Harald and Buro has immense knowledge in digital marketing, and is making it very simple to understand for someone completely new.” - Martin

“A lot of useful points about Facebook ads with Harald from Buro!” - Nina

During the program of 8 weeks, we covered topics such as:

  • How digital marketing and digital business work.
  • Sales funnels and digital customer journeys
  • SSM method
  • Facebook marketing
  • Google marketing
  • How to use LinkedIn for marketing and sales
  • Digitizing and automating business processes

The previous work has allowed us to work with companies in multiple markets, industries, and niches - resulting in an experience that is very valuable for every SATCO member.

You can see some of the lessons on Harald's YouTube channel here.

How does it work?

When you invest and become a member of the SATCO program, you enter as an entrepreneur in our portfolio network. You are not an employee. You become a co-founder of a business concept. 

You will get a 51% equity stake in the business concept. Meaning you own 51% of the company we create. Buro will own 49%.

What are the stages?

The SATCO program is divided into 5 phases or stages that you’d go through as a member.

The first stage is Onboarding.

This is where you get settled in, get oriented, gain access to users and platforms, and get to pick your business concept based on a selected few we provide you. We will look through our business concept database and pick a few based on your personality and what you said you wanted to do.

During this stage is where you sign ownership to one concept. After signing, you own 51% of that business concept. With a business concept, you’ll receive a lot of details created by our R&D department. 

The second stage is Education.

After you’re onboarded and know your way around inside the SATCO program, you’ll get started on the educational program we have internally. The reason for this is that for you to have a higher likelihood of being able to do things properly, know what to do, and succeed - you need to have a certain level of understanding of how we do things, and how we approach building businesses. We’ve added this to make sure you know how to take your (and any) business concept to market.

This is where you will learn the following:

  • Module 1: Infrastructure (An introduction to how the digital business infrastructure looks like, the components, and what’s required in the setup.)
  • Module 2: Mindset (Mindset is everything, as cheesy as that sounds. We’ll go through a few mindset exercises and models you can use to stay on top.)
  • Module 3: Audience (In-depth psychology and identity strategies for identifying and understanding your target audience and how to communicate with them.)
  • Module 4: Outreach (The #1 strategy for how to land meetings with businesses, and get started without needing to have a marketing budget.)
  • Module 5: Sales funnels and digital marketing (The core of most digital marketing, the sales funnel and how to plan and craft the digital buyer journey, and how to get traffic.)
  • Module 6: Email marketing (The basics of how email marketing works, and some advanced strategies for how to create an evergreen email sequence that you only need to set up once.)
  • Module 7: Sales (The psychology and processes behind sales, and what “true” sales is about - not what 99% do when they think “sales”.)
  • Module 8: Sales systems (An introduction to how to set up sales systems and pipelines to keep track of your sales activities and results.)
  • Module 9: Outsourcing (How you can outsource a lot of the manual labor and work day-to-day to someone else for a few pennies to increase your overall scalability and profitability.)
  • Module 10: Scaling (The core components for how you can scale an offer, a product, a service, and a few concepts for how scaling works at a foundational level.)

This is the first educational program we have internally and is meant to give you a basic understanding of how things work so that you’re ready to start your concept. 

The third stage is Internship.

At Buro, we do a lot of different things. We have projects in the east and west, and develop new things all the time. Ergo, we do a lot. Across the SATCO programme, we are over 110 people and growing rapidly.

That is why we have reflected a lot on what we can do to give all partners the most value possible. Now that you are a partner, you always have access to us. Our network, our resources and our help. For life.

This is where we are different from everyone else who exists "online" and in the real world. Either you are employed and become restricted, or you pay far too much and lose access after X amount of time. We don't believe that. We will create cool things together for 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 years. We are here to make an impact.

If you were to start a company alone, there are 3 things you must master:

  1. Find potential customers, qualify them and get meetings with them into the calendar.
  2. Conduct good meetings with clients and get them willing to pay for your help.
  3. Become good at working with customers in a professional manner, as well as delivering the actual service to the customer.

We don't want to throw you into deep water where you have to master all of these at the same time.

That's why we chose to include a step in the journey.

This step is about us wanting to give you experience, and at the same time speed up your journey towards having your own successful company.

To make it easier, we chose to focus on the second phase of your journey with us, to add an internship where you learn 1) finding potential customers, qualifying them and getting them into the calendar for a meeting.

As an intern, you have access to one or more projects you can join in order to learn and master exactly this.

We have also structured this so that you have a very tangible goal to aim for. A goal that doesn't take too long.

This goal is to book 10 meetings.

That's it.

That way, you gain experience from finding, qualifying and booking potential customers - but also doing it quickly. We've seen people do this in anywhere from 1-3 weeks. But some take longer.

Rather than planning on spending several months on a project to make money, we think it's better to get through quickly - so that you can get started with your own company more quickly.

When you have finished your education, you will reach this phase. Then you can become an internal member of a project. After registering for the project, you will get access to everything you need to find, qualify and book your 10 meetings. If you have questions along the way, we will have a dedicated channel in Discord for exactly this, as well as weekly meetings - so that you have help all the way.

The fourth stage is Concept 1.

Once you’ve gone through the paid education, you’ve mastered the skill of booking meetings - it’s time to get started on your concept. Now is the time we will start testing the concept in the market, you’ll start talking with potential clients and having meetings. 

In this stage, it’s all about trial and error. The goal is to get:

  • Feedback on the concept.
  • Get someone to say this is interesting.
  • Get someone to say YES to doing a free trial.
  • Learn how to deliver properly.
  • Deliver amazing results for the free trial.
  • Build a case study to use in marketing.
  • Start charging for the service. 
  • Land more clients.
  • Achieve product-market fit (meaning, people are interested and willing to pay)

We always do free trials first, because that way there are no objections from the target audience (who doesn’t want free work). You do this in exchange for a case study. By doing this, you will learn how to deliver the service, and you will gain valuable experience. This is used to build the case study, which gives you the authority and track record to start getting paid for the work. 

During this phase, you don’t need to incorporate a company or have a company. All contracts signed with clients and invoices sent will be sent from Buro Ventures. This is to make sure things are fast, and there are no delays due to incorporation. However, it will only be done this way until we’ve collected enough revenue to incorporate an LLC (AS). Once that is done, we will split 51-49% in your favor of the shares in the company created. 

After incorporating the legal business entity for the business concept, all invoicing and collection will be done by that company. 

If for any and every reason the business concept doesn’t work, fail or you want another one. We will go back to the concepts you received when you joined, and you can switch. We are always going to provide business concepts. 

The fifth stage is Concept X (concept 2+).

We have a fifth stage, and that is concept X. Our goal is not to only give you one concept and you get to start one business. Our goal with the SATCO program is to create companies together, not only one company. 

We want to make every SATCO member into a serial entrepreneur. 

To do this, we have three components:

  1. Always provide you with another concept.
  2. Education within automation and leveraging AI.
  3. Leverage automation, tech, and AI to streamline most of the things in the business.

That’s why after we’ve scaled the first concept to a certain level, you’ll get the option of starting another one. If you proceed with that, you will sign ownership to your second business concept, and we will repeat the process. 

What do people get?

Every SATCO member receives a lot, as a portfolio entrepreneur in Buro Ventures. Here is a condensed list:

51% ownership of business concepts

As a SATCO member, you will first of all sign and own 51% of the shares in the business concept you chose. We are likely to give you anywhere from 3-5 different options to chose from. Every concept is carefully handpicked by our R&D team for you to select from. 

Business resources

With the business concept you’ll get access to a suite of resources, documentation and material crafted by our R&D department. This would be things like: 

  • The business concept
  • Problem analysis
  • Solution
  • Offer
  • Standard operating procedure (SOP) (how to deliver
  • Onboarding questionnaire
  • Outbound marketing material (Emails, LinkedIn outreach)
  • Inbound marketing material (Ebook, Quiz, Landing page, Emails, Website, Blog posts & Articles, Social media posts)
  • Contract templates

One of the core promises and offerings provided by us to every SATCO program member is that we created 95% of the business. We are lacking the operator and co-founder to take it to market. That’s why you’ll get more than 30-40+ pages of documentation for the concept. This way you have what you need. This is unheard of and you won’t find this elsewhere.


We’ve covered this a bit earlier, but you’ll get fully trained on digital marketing, sales, appointment setting, systems, digital automation, AI, operations, finances, etc.


To start and run a business, you need multiple software and applications. We’ve invested upfront to be able to provide most of what you need to get started:

  • Buro Leads → E-mail marketing = NOK 1000/month
  • FastPages → Website building = NOK 2500/month
  • ActivePieces → AI Automation = NOK 6,000/month
  • TypeBot → ChatBot = NOK 5,500/month
  • ClosersCopy → AI Copywriting = NOK 800/month
  • N8N → Automation = NOK 4,500/month
  • Ligna → CRM = NOK 2,000/month
  • Email verification = NOK 2250/month
  • Sturrpy → Business Forecasting = NOK 1500/month
  • TaskMagic → Workflow = NOK 50,000

Total = NOK 26,050/month or NOK 312,600 a year.

For our partners: NOK 0.00 (FREE).

You will have access to these software subscriptions for free as a member of SATCO.

Weekly mentoring calls

Every single week, we host mentor calls with the SATCO members. This is a joint call with the sole purpose of providing accountability and guidance to you as a portfolio entrepreneur. 

During these calls that are hosted on Zoom, you’ll be able to ask questions about strategic decisions, tactical stuff, technical things, what to do, and get us to review and give feedback on things you’ve set up and created. 

Our goal for these calls is to get an understanding of where you are in the process, and help you craft the todo list of the coming week, while reviewing the previous one. 

Support on Discord

We host our internal communication on Discord for the SATCO program. This is where you can ask questions in between the weekly mentoring calls, and someone from our team will answer as soon as they get the chance. 

This is where news and updates are posted by us, and when we create something new that members get access to.


The SATCO program is growing rapidly, and our goal is to empower as many entrepreneurs as possible, while providing a stellar experience. 

It’s hard to change the world with 1 company, while easier with 1000. 

The more entrepreneurs we have as members of the SATCO program, the more people you’ll be able to connect with. 

As years pass, the number of successful entrepreneurs as part of the program will continue to increase, and you’re likely to be able to build your group of friends from the group.

AI tools

Our R&D department is continuously working on developing and crafting AI tools. Some of these tools will be available to you as a SATCO member. 

These could be tools to rewrite marketing material you’ve received for your concept. Help you create task lists, etc.

What to expect (roles)

Expectations are very important, therefore we’ve listed the roles and responsibilities. 


  • The member does the day to day work, operating and managing the concept/business..
  • Be disciplined, put in the effort, think in first principles, postpone instant gratification. 
  • Follow guidance and the suggestions given by Buro.


  • Acts as a strategic partner and advisor.
  • Not co-founder that works on the business day-to-day.
  • Aid and guide in direction, strategy, planning, review what member created, give member tasks and next steps.
  • Don’t set up things, but help in doing it.

The clear difference in roles is that the entrepreneur is the one managing and operating the company on a daily basis, while Buro Ventures acts as back-office and support structure for the company and the entrepreneur.

What can people expect?

Embarking on the journey of digital entrepreneurship is hard. It takes grit, hard work and persistence. It is going to be hard. It’s likely members need to invest into various resources to get going and operate the business, reinvesting profits is a given, and there will be doubt. Doubt in the system, setup, program, concept and oneself. People around oneself, family and friends will doubt you and recommend you to stop. This is the norm for the path of the entrepreneur. 

However, the path to freedom and financial independence is only crafted through hard work that most people don’t understand. The idea everyone think is a good idea is often the bad one. It’s the idea that no one understand that usually is the great one. 

We, Buro Ventures, are here - for life - to help members of SATCO on the journey. The person that never gives up, is the one that always succeeds. 

What are the terms

Hosting, running and maintaining this extremely extensive program cost a lot. That’s why this isn’t something one can join for free. 

To join the SATCO program, an investment of 30.000 NOK is required. This sum is likely to go up in the future, due to the value of what’s included as our R&D department develops more resources and components, and as demand to join the SATCO program increases. 

Once contract is signed, investment is paid, and members start to consume content, you’ve started and are locked in. Meaning, there is no turning back. 

Once membership is signed, every member receives access to business secrets and information that is classified. Hence the “lock-in”. 

The lock-in doesn’t restrict you from doing other things if you want to pursue something else. It simply means that the moment you’ve started on the SATCO program, you cannot ask for a refund of the investment, as the revenue we generate is used to maintain and deliver the program.

Long term goal

Buro Venture’s long term goal with the SATCO program is for it’s members to launch multiple businesses, scale every business that is incorporated and get funded by investors. 

Buro will always strive towards providing both the intellectual and mental means, as well as tools of the trade for everyone involved to be able to privately establish their own financial independence. 

In our R&D department and Products branch of Buro, we are continuously building artificial intelligence (AI) models and software. The goal is to have an AI that can launch and run companies 99% automatically - by itself. This way we can start anything from 1 to 100 new business concepts every single day. Out of these, most will fail - but a few will succeed. This will be an incredible source of revenue, and investment opportunity that may open for members of the SATCO program. Meaning, SATCO members will potentially have access to an internal investment fund, consisting of hundreds, potentially thousands of companies. 

Start the application process, see if you qualify.

Our process goes like this:

  1. Book interview
  2. Submit an application before the interview
  3. Complete interview
  4. Onboarding
  5. Sign contract
  6. Investment

We will during the interview know if you’re a fit, based on your answers and your application. In some cases, the interviewer may give you a formal invitation at the end of the interview.

That’s it.