Where companies start, grow and scale

In BURO Studio, we start, growth and scale businesses with our partners. Together we go through the 3 stages of business creation; practice, start, and collaboration.


Create successful businesses together with our portfolio partners

We leverage the tech and tools developed in Lab and Invest, creating businesses empowered by AI - the businesses of tomorrow.


How we build our companies

Together with our partners and portfolio, we develop, launch and scale great companies.

This process is divided into 3 parts; practice, start and collaborate. 

Practice through our SATCO process

We start by developing an idea into a mature business concept through co-creation with the market. Through this process, we facilitate hands-on experience for our partners, and ensure a risk free process in achieving proof of concept.

Starting a business in the Portfolio

Once proof of concept is achieved, we incorporate the company and we scale it as part of our portfolio. Through leveraging our ecosystem, partners in our portfolio gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Grow through Tribe collaboration

To further accelerate our partners and portfolio of companies, we bring together partners into tribes - tapping into the synergetic effect between their companies through cross-collaboration.

Take the next step

As you've explored BURO Studio, we have 2 alternative paths for you to get to know us better, work together with us, or simply stay updated on our progress. 

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