Where we acquire assets to grow the portfolio

BURO Invest ensures all portfolio companies have the water and fertilizer needed to achieve sustainability and longevity at scale.


Acquire assets that gives our portfolio a competitive advantage

Through acquisitions and investments, Invest aims to unlock new opportunities, open access to new markets, and give our portfolio of companies increased scalability.

We're always looking for opportunities

BURO is always looking for two things; investors that would be interested in investing into a single or several portfolio companies, and businesses looking to raise money or exit. 

Looking to invest?

BURO is building a portfolio of hundreds of companies. We're developing a proprietary ecosystem and AI to launch businesses automonously. We're sitting on data for time to market, success rate, and growth opportunities. We're always open to allow investors access to insights from our portfolio and systems, and invest if of interest.

Looking to raise money?

If you're a business owner and are looking to raise money, or want an exit - we're interested in having a discussion. We're looking for tech, market access or other components that would empower our portfolio. If so, reach out.

If you want more details about the opportunities inside our Portfolio

You can gain so by joining our free community on Discord, BUROverse. It's a community where we share information about what we're developing, what's going on inside the portfolio, and cold hard numbers.

Membership is of course 100% free.