Where we create tools to help our portfolio grow

BURO Lab is our playground, where we research and develop useful tools for the Portfolio, with the goal of autonomously start, run and grow companies.


Build tools that accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies

Through continuous R&D we build proprietary tools and tech that aid in company growth. We use these to accelerate the growth of our internal and external partners, so that we can achieve greater success together.


The vision that aligns our efforts

We have a bold dream. A dream of an AI system that has the ability to; start, run and grow companies autonomously - changing the entrepreneurial landscape entirely. 

How? By continuous research and development, we build piece by piece. Automating each part of how to start, run and grow companies. 

A big part in achieving this goal is leveraging the cross-industry experience we've attained after more than a decade in digital business consulting and entrepreneurship. Together with 200+ partners, we quickly identify bottlenecks, and achieve incredible speed of development.

Take the next step

As you've explored BURO Lab, we have 2 alternative paths for you to get to know us better, work together with us, or simply stay updated on our progress. 

Follow our development process in BUROverse

If you want to tag along and follow our journey in building autonomusly ran businesses, learn more about our tech, and about our process - join our free community BUROverse by clicking the button below.

Want to work with us, or use our tech?

If you want to work with us on a project, or if you're an external company looking to use our tech and systems - reach out and we'll have a discussion to see what we can do together.